40 Series Parts

40-SERIES40 Series Parts



Electrical Parts

Windscreen Wiper Motor

All other electrical items available.

Engine Parts

Alternator Brackets

Transmission Parts

To suit 40 Series -
5 Speed transmission, inc. transfer case (good, used) and 
conversion kit and
RHYNO Rear Cross Member Mounting Kit (new) and 
RHYNO Disk Brake Handbrake Kit (new)
The lot for $2,900

RHYNO 5 Speed Conversions
RHYNO Rear Crossmember Kit

Exterior Parts

Door Hinges

Rear Axle Bump Rubbers

Wiper Motor Cover

Interior Parts

Bottle Jack Holder

Demister Vent Cover

Steering Column Cover

Fibreglass Parts:

Complete fibreglass body kit to suit 40 series SWB
Brand new. Includes tub, tilt front, window frame, sports doors.
(body panels only)
Only $10,000



Hardtop – complete – POA

Guards – used – good condition – from $300

Windscreen frames – used – from $300

Doors – complete – new – from $795

Tilt fronts – sports style – new – from $1,895

Sports door – custom – new – from $695

Wheel arch flares – from $125

All new fibreglass panels available

Also available new:

50mm wider guards, 115mm HD wider guards, Upper Guards, Headlight Panel, Headlight Surround, Back Panel, Windscreen Frame, Ute Roof, SWB Roof Gutter, Troop Carrier Roof Gutter, Full Door, Sports Door, Transmission Hump etc.

Steel Parts:

45/47 series cab tub – used rebuilt – from $5,900

Also available used bodies, chassis, guards, windscreen, doors, panels, hardware, engines, transmissions, differentials, drive shafts, springs, steering etc.

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