1978 FJ45 Style Side

This 1978 FJ45 Landcruiser, chassis up re build, will get a pickup style side tray, B&M low blow  Chevy V8 and all the RHYNO Off Road Manufacturing gear including:

  • RHYNO SS Air Bag Suspension System
  • RHYNO Heavy Duty Extra Long Range Alloy Fuel Tank
  • RHYNO Power Steering Conversion Kit
  • RHYNO Heavy Duty Disk Brake Conversion Front & Rear
  • RHYNO Disk Handbrake Kit
  • Custom, ceramic coated, 3 inch, dual exhaust system
  • B&M Supercharged, High Performance, V8 Chevy

DK-chassis-2DK-chassis-1IMG_2491DK-engine-10IMG_2499IMG_2601 DK-Custom-3-inch-800x600-2IMG_2503DK-Custom-3-inch-800x600-8DK-Disk Brake Handbrake???????????????????????????????

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